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Magnet Line O

Size: 78x53mm

Made in Europe

Vehicle type: T2


Line O (type T2) on the tramstop "Franz Josefs Kai/Schwedenplatz"
The first use of a T2 took place on May 21, 1956.
The tram line "O" ran from Friedriech Engels Platz via Dresdner Straße,
Taborstraße, Kai/Ring to Gudrunstraße/Favoriten depot.

Shipping costs: EUR 5.00 (Austria) and EUR 15.00 (worldwide).

For any queries about the item, please phone: +43 (1) 7909-76400 (Mon-Fri, 8:00-14:00) or send an email to: bestellungen@wienerlinien.at

Price: €3.50