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Size: 78x53mm

Made in Europe

Vehicle type: D


The Type D vehicle was a widespread type of small tram car from the early days of Vienna's electric tram system. With 300 units, they were the first significant series in terms of numbers in Vienna. Line signals with geometric graphics were used until 1907 to mark the route of the wagons. With these symbol discs (later also called hieroglyphic signal) illiterates should be able to distinguish between the different routes. Whether green, red, blue or yellow, the star was always a sign that the tram was going to the Praterstern

Shipping costs: EUR 5.00 (Austria) and EUR 15.00 (worldwide).

For any queries about the item, please phone: +43 (1) 7909-76400 (Mon-Fri, 8:00-14:00) or send an email to: bestellungen@wienerlinien.at

Price: €3.50