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Vienna Semester Ticket

    • Valid on all public transport in Vienna
    • Valid for the period of one semester
      • Winter semester from 1 September to 31 January
      • Summer semester from 1 February to 30 June
  • Data verification:
    • Students must register with the Online Shop by entering their personal details so that these can be checked against the data held by the educational institution. An affirmative response will only be given if both data sets are totally identical.
    • For students not yet enrolled to continue with their studies (the next semester), details of the previous semester will also be checked for data verification purposes.
    • Special terms of use
    • Change of Student ID Numbers, according to study evidence regulation 2004 by the year of study 2017/2018
      Due to new regulations a change from 7 to 8-digit matriculation numbers takes place. Although already issued student ID cards don’t have to be replaced. If you still have a student ID card which contains a 7-digit matriculation number, you have to enter a 0 (Zero) on the first position!
    • Following connected study facilities are concerned by this adjustment

You can also view this ticket by conveniently displaying it on your mobile phone.
For more details go to: How to View Tickets on Your Mobile Phone

Price: €150.00