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The model of the X-Wagon has been designed and manufactured wit the utmost care and an extremely high degree of detail.
The production of a model begins with the construction, which was usually complex on the X-car, because we are very keen on even the smallest details.

Most of the models are manufactured in the small manufactory in Vienna’s 23rd district.

Technical Data X-Wagon:

  • Car body material: Aluminium
  • Track gauge: 1435mm
  • Vehicle length over coupler: 111.250mm
  • Width of car: 2.850mm
  • Floor height above top rail: 1.000mm
  • Max. axle load: 10,90 t
  • Passenger capacity (at 4 P/m2): 928
  • Passenger doors car side: 3
  • Max. operating : 80 km/h 
No toy

Shipping costs: EUR 7.00 (Austria) and EUR 17.00 (worldwide).

For any queries about the item, please phone: +43 (1) 7909-76400 (Mon-Fri, 8:00-14:00) or send an email to: bestellungen@wienerlinien.at
Price: €299.00