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Data Security

Data protection declaration for online ticket shop:

The ordering of tickets via the Internet represents a new variation of ticket purchase for our customers. These now have the opportunity of ordering the desired tickets by voluntarily submitting the personal data necessary for the contract management. For customers who do not want to order their tickets via the Internet, the conventional means of ticket purchase via booking offices or on-the-spot vending machines will continue to be available.

Your customer data will be used and stored exclusively for contractual purposes (ticket production and billing). For easy ordering as a regular customer, your data will remain on the server, whereby you can view and amend this at any time with your regular customer access (e-mail address) and your personal password. Naturally you can also erase your data from the server again after a successful process of payment (approximately two months) respectively after the expiration of the validity of your ticket(s). To do this, we would ask you send us an e-mail to If you have forgotten your password, please contact us via the link "Forgotten your password?" We will promptly send you a new password. Please do not pass on your password to third parties!

Naturally we will use your information exclusively within the statutory and contractual terms and conditions. We will protect your personal data and information from unauthorised access with the most up-to-date security systems. This applies for all data stored on our server as well as for your transfer data. We require all input fields that are marked as mandatory fields in order to recognise you conclusively as a customer and to be able to undertake the correct attribution to your customer account as well as the personalisation of your tickets.

In order to be able to maintain the connection to your computer, your IP address and the browser type will be stored for the duration of the connection, but these will be erased again following conclusion of your ordering procedure.

If you are on our web site, we will install cookies that will enable the comfortable use of our ticket shop for you. Therefore we recommend that you adjust your browser so that it can accept our cookies.

The processing of your data will take place exclusively within our transport company, with the involved technical service providers and finance service providers (savings bank, bank, credit institute, Wirecard CEE, PayUnity - SIX Payment Services GmbH).

For security reasons, credit card data is not stored in the shop, but must be newly input with every order. Explicit attention is drawn to this when the order is placed.

In the event of your express agreement, your personal data can be provided to companies of the Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG for marketing purposes. Data will not be transferred to other companies.

Attention will be paid to the greatest possible security in the transfer of your data. For this reason we apply the international standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encoding for the transfer of our customers' data (here no sensitive data is transmitted in accordance with the Data Protection Act). You will recognise the secure connection by the changed protocol in your URL (https://......) in your browser window.

The ordered ticket is issued in the name of the booker or user in question and is not transferable. It is only valid in combination with the presentation of an official photo identification. To check that the person stated on the ticket is actually the holder of the ticket, for control purposes the type of identification (passport, company identity card, driving licence) is to be stated on the ticket. Statement of the type of identification is not necessary if you are in possession of an official photo identification issued in Austria.

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