Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




I cannot adjust my photo?

If the uploaded photo cannot be employed using the photo adaption module, it could be that you either Java Script is not correctly enabled in the browser or there is a problem by passing the security software on your computer. The selection of a cut-out requires JavaScript.

Can I pay each month for my yearly travel card?

Yes you can! According to the payment of 10 partial payments you have to fill in a order form with direct debit authorization and send them to Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG - Abt. Vertrieb und Beratung with a copy of your photo identification.

The order form is delivered by e-mail to download and print the form out after successful order. Furthermore the order form can be downloaded by clicking the button - Download print ticket - at the confirmation page or at the page - previous tickets.



Following possibilities for transmission are available:

  • per E-Mail (scan as attachment) - to
  • per Fax - to +43 (0)1 7909-73009,
  • per Post - to Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG, Abteilung Vertrieb und Beratung, 1031 Wien Erdbergstraße 202,
  • hand off at each sales point of the Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG,

After receiving the order form the yearly travel ticket will be shipped by post.

Why is it not possible to pay with my Visa card/card complete?

It might be that you requested for safe payment “Verified-by-Visa”. If you have made repeated wrong use, your account will be deactivated for security reasons by card complete. To make further purchases and to activate or deactivate this service we recommend contacting your credit institution card complete on +43 (1) 71111-380.

How can I pay with my cashpoint card (Maestro SecureCode)?

It is possible to pay with Maestro at or by instructing a representative of your bank to request a registration code. After receiving the registration data you can log on and use your cashpoint card as a currency at

My ticket printout did not work, what should I do?

If problems occur in the downloading of your ticket or in the printing-out of the ticket (e.g. with the paper feed), you can register at any time in the ticket shop with your access data and carry out a new download with your master data under the function "Previous tickets". If you cannot open the ticket, we recommend you to save your download on your computer first to avoid any fault message that my arise.

I have not received an e-mail/my ticket printout work not.

Possibly your e-mail account is full. Please erase e-mails that you no longer need and create space for the mail with the link to your online ticket.

In addition to the possibility of changing your password, in your master data you will also find the point "Previous tickets". Here you can call up tickets that have still not expired and reprint them.

How is secured payment ensured?

QENTA paymentsolution GmbH  and PayUnity GmbH provide a payment platform which controls the secured data transfer between the finance service provider and the fan ticket shop, and only receives the name and credit card type as data. You can find details at or

For security reasons, credit card data are not stored in the shop, but must be input anew with every order. This is explicitly emphasised with the order.

I can only print in black-and-white.

Although the tickets are created in colour, but should be available via a black-and-white printer, for example, you can also print your online ticket in black-and-white and still possess a valid ticket.

I cannot downIoad the ticket.

Check whether a personal firewall or other protection program is preventing the download. You receive the ticket as a PDF file for printing-out (for this, you will need a PDF reader such as the free Acrobat Reader, which you can find on our homepage at on the page "here you can find more infos to the printticket"). In order to avoid problems, you should temporarily deactivate and any existing ad blocker.

If you are on our web site, we will insert cookies that enable your convenient use of the ticket shop. Therefore we recommend that you set your browser to accept our cookie.

The ticket is almost complete black.

This would usually mean that there is something wrong with the ink in inkjet printers. Try to make another printout by means of "Previous tickets" in the master data or with another printer.

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